The Briggo Team

About Us

Briggo is an Austin-based specialty coffee company committed to empowering people to create their perfect cups of coffee. By combining the best specialty direct-trade ingredients with modern mobile technology, cloud computing, and AI-based robotics, we are transforming the entire coffee experience. We’re part of a world community that celebrates all that is coffee; just like the thousands of growers, roasters and baristas all striving for perfection. We’re looking for ambitious and energetic professionals to join our growing team. If you love big challenges, dynamic teams, and want to disrupt a giant global industry, we’d love to hear from you!
Opportunities at Briggo:


Laura Lozano

VP of Retail Sales

Mike Westgate

VP of Marketing

Tim Dehne

VP of Engineering

Clif Sanchez

Director of Systems Engineering

Steve Miller

Director of Coffee Haus Operations

Brian Donowho

Director of Manufacturing Operations

The Team

Kelly Finn

Sr. Technical Specialist

Angelo Fancello

Lead Mechanical Engineer

Joe Howes

Sr. Developer

Melisa Blahnik

Mechanical Engineer

Ian Nater

Sr. Retail Sales Manager

Nick Pedrazas

Sr. Mechanical Engineer

Nick Bourgeois

Sr. Data Analyst

Mike Yeh

Supply Chain Manager

Jordan Hawkes

Engineering Technician

Casey Runnestrand

Replenishment Technician
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Brian R. Smith

Managing Director, S3

Rajiv Bala

Principal, S3 Ventures

Nav Sooch

CEO, Ketra

Kevin Nater

President & CEO, Briggo