An all-in-one specialty coffee solution, and the new standard for unattended retail.



Briggo is an Austin-based specialty coffee company which empowers people to create their perfect cups of coffee. By combining the best specialty ingredients with modern mobile technology, cloud computing, and robotics, we are transforming the entire coffee experience. We’re part of a world community that celebrates all that is coffee; just like the thousands of growers, roasters and baristas all striving for perfection. Quality, consistency, and convenience…all in a small footprint.


Getting Started

Download the Briggo app, select your Coffee Haus, and begin ordering your first FREE drink. You’ll receive a text when your drink is ready for pickup.

Make it Perfect

Whole bean, hot or iced coffees ground fresh to order with dairy, non-dairy, and quality syrup options to make your Briggo experience perfect, every time.

Enjoy & Share

Name and save your favorites, earn loyalty points towards your next free drink, and share your coffee experience with your friends on Facebook.



A robotic, fully-automated barista available 24/7 to address audience demand of varying sizes and cycles.

Sleek Design

Beautifully modern Haus design combined with an intuitive mobile app delivers a personalized customer service and fully embedded payment platform.


Small footprint, high throughput (100+ cups per hour), and low overhead makes the Briggo Haus an ideal amenity and compelling economic solution.


Corporate Campus

The war for corporate talent is on, especially for the large and growing millennial population, which oftentimes hinges upon the quality of facilities and lifestyle amenities. Corporate clients are looking for modern, automated solutions which best match their employees’ lifestyles while delivering an engaging and positive experience. After all, happy employees are the most productive employees.

Grocery & Retail

Though e-commerce has forced significant change in traditional retail, it still only accounts for ~10% of all sales. Digital-first and unattended retail formats are on the rise, and physical stores must keep up to provide a seamless experience, regardless of channel. The Coffee Haus can not only act as a traffic generator, but enhance and expand the shopping experience and provides ample cross-merchandising opportunitie

Travel & Tourism

When air, rail, and bus travelers are en route, they often have limited selection and even less time to fuel up before departures. Transportation hubs need 24/7 service options and staffing is always a challenge. Unattended retail is the key to delivering a positive traveler experience not to mention seamless, mobile transaction and service. Commuter lifestyles demand customizable, consistent, mobile engagements and service providers must keep up.


Often operating on 24/7 cycles, hospitals are rarely equipped with quality food and beverage options to accommodate their staff and guests. Whether we’re fueling practitioners or friends and family, on scheduled or surprise visits, our customers deserve their coffee the way they want it, when they want it, every time.

City & Government

With large swings in seasonal population and continual mix of on-site employees and visitors, city and federal facilities must offer flexible, self-service amenities. Unattended retail is the key to delivering a dependable, low-overhead, staple amenity like coffee for these on-the-go and time-starved consumers


Who needs access to 24/7 refreshment options and study breaks more than students and faculty?? Not to mention, millennials account for 44% of US coffee consumption, which is the majority demographic of university populations. On the go between classes, meetings, and recreation, Briggo is the perfect mobile solution for educational institutions.



Briggo is the coffee solution you’re looking for! With dedicated solutions for every scenario, our automated coffee experience is in constant pursuit of perfection. Contact us today to see how you or your business can join our caffeinated revolution.

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