Scott McMartin

Coffee Guru

“I’ve worked in the coffee industry for a long time and have always enjoyed playing a role in developing new technologies to make the best expression of the coffee origin shine. At Briggo we’re making farmers proud by showcasing their coffee in an exceptional way though our breakthrough technology.”



Scott McMartin has 20+ years of deep specialty coffee experience including managing global coffee supply relationships in excess 400M pounds per year, leading a team of 20 coffee quality managers, and developing coffee blends and related CPG products for multiple Fortune 100 companies including Starbucks, Kraft, PepsiCo, United Airlines, Dreyers, Anheuser-Busch and Panera Bread.

McMartin’s work has involved meeting client’s specific needs from a flavor profile perspective, while other work has focused on the creation of new product lines and line extensions. Scott contributed 19 years to Starbucks’ selecting coffee blends including annual versions of Christmas Blend, Anniversary Blend and many limited-time offerings such as Blue Note Blend and Gazebo Blend. In his quest for the world’s best coffees, Scott has traveled to over 20 origin countries allowing him to learn about many cultures’ growing and processing techniques. Scott’s passion pushed him to pursue studies in the culinary arts as a sommelier, beer judge and coffee grader.

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