We sat down with the founder of Briggo, Chas Studor, to discuss Briggo’s support of The Del Fuego Project. Briggo is donating 10 cents of every cup sold this month directly to The Del Fuego Project. For anyone who doesn’t know, The Del Fuego Project is a non-profit organization based in Yepocapa, Guatemala. Their focus is on the education and empowerment of smallholder coffee farmers that have been affected by the Coffee Leaf Rust epidemic and the recent volcanic eruption in June of this year.

The robots are a means to an end. Both high-quality consistent coffee and being able to then not waste what’s given to us and turn around and do this kind of work. This is the start to many projects like this.

Chas Studor

Founder & CTO, Briggo

This podcast is the start of a short series aiming to illuminate the important work being done by Del Fuego and how we can all help make an impact. This week, we ask Chas about Briggo’s involvement and what it means to him to finally bring Connected Coffee to the world stage. Next time we will be chatting with The Del Fuego Project founder, Taya Brown, for an update on the project’s momentum and what to expect next. Check it out and stay tuned!

How can you help? We’re glad you asked.

  • Buy a Briggo coffee and we donate 10 cents – every cup counts
  • Donate directly to Del Fuego – donations are tax-deductible 
  • Support Del Fuego’s efforts by sharing this link (https://delfuego.org) with coworkers, friends, family and even strangers! 

Learn more about Del Fuego Project here.

Read about Chas’ trip to Yepocapa, Guatemala here.