Joe Howes

Senior Developer

“Debating technical solutions is all about strong opinions, weakly held.”




Joe is happiest at the intersection of technology and art, and is delighted that Briggo affords him the ability to work on both sides of the business. He has worked as a developer in the game industry for legendary studios like Westwood (Command & Conquer: Tiberian Sun) and Petroglyph Games (Universe At War).As a full stack developer with deep knowledge at all levels of the stack, he has helped define the shape of many pioneering startups in Canada and the US, building server side technology, user interfaces, and kernel modules for a variety of computer and mobile operating systems.

He has worked behind the scenes in film and television since 2002, most recently as a visual effects artist for the Fox science documentary series Cosmos, and became a federally certified drone videographer in 2017. Joe is also an actor whose first SAG feature film Six Pack Sam premiered in July 2017 at the Alamo Drafthouse right here in Austin, TX.

Favorite Briggo Drink


Delicious Briggo espresso topped with expertly-frothed milk.