Jared Benavente


“I grew up in the Coffee business and believe Briggo’s innovative technology will create opportunities  that will improve the lives of many people. I’m beyond thrilled to work with talented, skilled and experienced team members to bring Briggo to the world!”




Jared Benavente has a lifetime of coffee experience. His parents started a boutique coffee shop in Boise Idaho and this is where he found his love for the coffee experience. During college he worked his way up through Dutch Bros. Coffee the largest privately held drive-thru coffee company in the U.S.  with intentions to franchise and held 7 years there. After deciding to pursue other opportunities he moved to Chicago where he spent learning a variety of espresso systems for companies like Starbucks, Nespresso, Illy, Peets and many other coffee companies.   

Favorite Briggo Drink

Iced Latte

Fresh, cold milk and Briggo espresso; icy cold and refreshing.