But it’s all about balance.

We’re in constant pursuit of perfection.


Our coffee blend was specifically developed to bring out the expression of each coffee origin used in Briggo Blend. The blend is currently comprised of coffees from Guatemala, Costa Rica, Colombia and Nicaragua. Each component has a unique character from bright acidity to nutty, chocolatey flavors which are artfully blended to bring the perfect cup to our Hauses.

After assembling our green coffee blend, we roast Briggo Blend in small batches to guarantee freshness, consistency and high quality. Our roasting style may be described as a medium dark. We emphasize bringing out the sweet complex flavors and having a signature grace note of slightly smoky bittersweet cocoa. The result is an exceptional shot of espresso which serves as the foundational building block of coffee drinks.

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At Briggo we believe in fairness and equity in all relationships. Our values are grounded in transparency, fairness and an unwavering commitment to quality and flawless execution.

Our coffee guru brings over twenty years of direct coffee sourcing experience with deep relationships in Latin America, East Africa and the Asia Pacific. Those relationships help us source the best possible coffee to make up our proprietary Briggo Blend. We know the specific regions, cooperatives and in some cases individual farms where we ethically source our coffee.

These may seem like little details but we recognize that without a commitment to the health, safety and environmental stewardship of our partners in coffee-growing countries, what we do would not be possible. That’s why our internal guidelines for coffee purchasing are at the cornerstone of our business philosophy.

The Briggo Experience:


In developing Briggo Blend, our pursuit for the perfect cup led us to tasting literally thousands of espresso shots and perhaps even more lattes! Each parameter for espresso beverage preparation including time, pressure and coffee dose was tasted exhaustively until we came to a result we could all be proud to serve to our customers.

We made Briggo Blend with great care and precision so that our customers can truly say perfection is personal when they customize their favorite drinks using our high quality coffee and other premium ingredients. We hope you enjoy the Briggo experience as much as we do.

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