Clif Sanchez

Director of System Engineering

“As a coffee aficionado, having the opportunity to work with such great people on something I’ve been passionate about my entire life is exciting. To be able to use my engineering skills and abilities on the development of a product that has a direct impact on people is an added bonus and truly satisfying.”




Clif Sanchez came to Briggo in 2013 with over 30 years of experience in the technology industry. He began his career at Motorola and further honed his skills at Crystal Semiconductor and Oasis Silicon Systems, both startup engineering companies, where he helped customers design and debug systems. Most recently, Clif was the Director of Automotive Infotainment Systems for Microchip Technology, managing a global engineering network that designed products for the automotive industry. He was previously the Divisional Vice President of Engineering for SMSC, where he gained extensive experience in quality management, and worked with the MOST (Media Oriented Systems Transport) Cooperation to develop automotive multimedia networking standards.

Clif graduated in 1983 with a BSEE from Louisiana State University. He has authored and presented industry papers on audio quality, testing, copy protection and intelligent networks and was awarded two patents while serving as a Senior Staff Systems Engineer at Cirrus Logic. As a member of the Audio Engineering Society, Clif served on committees that developed digital audio and audio measurement standards used worldwide. Clif is also passionate about sailing and designed and developed a PHRF handicap racing clock used in sailboat regattas.

Favorite Briggo Drink

Iced Coffee

Cold-brewed Briggo blend, served ice-cold.