ANgelo Fancello

Lead Mechanical Engineer

“I love how our Haus-prepared coffee brings out the coffee bean freshness and fruity nuances of our custom Briggo blend.”




Angelo designed and built his first robot while working on his Master’s degree in Robotics and Automation at Texas A&M.  He has spent most of his career innovating in machine automation and product design and was excited to help bring together the complexities coffee and the latest technologies.  Using the deep experience already available in Briggo’s technical team he has led the mechanical design team toward a fast and reliable Coffee Haus that can be scaled for manufacturing and service nationwide.

Angelo grew up less than a mile from Little Italy in Montreal, Canada and has had life-long passion for coffee and espresso.  After preparing himself a hand crafted cappuccino every morning, he enjoys a Coffee Haus prepared Black Coffee the rest of the day at Briggo!

Favorite Briggo Drink


Delicious Briggo espresso topped with expertly-frothed milk.