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Our Story

We’re extremely passionate about coffee and we respect its importance to people. In fact, nearly 25 million rely upon coffee for their livelihood, and we know that to those who drink it, coffee is irreplaceable. We cherish the feeling you get when you taste a great cup, and deeply respect the long journey the bean has made. We’re excited by the beauty of a well-made espresso, and we’re not alone. We’re part of a world community that celebrates all that is coffee – just like the thousands of growers, roasters and baristas all striving for perfection.

Our founder’s quest began in Honduras at the base of a mountain where he discovered the essence of the perfect cup. He realized that coffee has a soul, and care and respect for it from tree to cup is what made his truly perfect cup. From that day forward we embarked on the journey to bring perfection to as many people as we can every step of the way.

We have a different approach. We believe that perfect is personal. It’s something as unique as each person and as unique as each bean. We think you should decide what it means to you. Perfect lies in the differences, not in the similarities of a one-size-fits all world. Beauty is what stands out. It’s what catches your attention in an otherwise static environment and taste is no different. A gram here, a degree there is what defines extraordinary. It’s why the four star chef adds just the right amount of seasoning. It’s why the artist considers every brush stroke. We think perfect coffee requires the same level of care, precision, and heart.

The Briggo Experience:

Our Coffee

Our coffee is roasted by a skilled, experienced roaster in our hometown of Austin, Texas. Like any group of “coffee fanatics,” we have lots of spirited discussions and everyone has an opinion. However in the end, the objective is simple: find the right roast for the beans Briggo has selected for our blend.

Currently, we are using beans from Nicaragua, Colombia, Costa Rica, and Guatemala. In arriving at the perfect roast for our coffee, we think about each component and what it is about that coffee we want to see in the cup. For example:

  • Nicaragua: sturdy acidity and clean bracing notes of citrus and cocoa
  • Colombia: straightforward flavor and lots of body (the sense of weight on your tongue)
  • Costa Rica: crisp and clean with soft floral notes and a pleasant aftertaste
  • Guatemala: bold, round notes of Dutch cocoa, spice and depth

Irrespective of roasting philosophy, there are a couple things we know for sure. One is that coffees that are very lightly roasted display pronounced tangy acidity. Coffees that are roasted very dark tend to have smoky flavor and come across as thin. So the trick is to figure out where on the continuum from sour to burned (to put it simply) a given coffee blend tastes best.

At Briggo, we believe our coffee tastes best when the acidity is noticeably present but not dominant, and when the coffee’s body is at its peak – before the coffee is so dark that it tastes thin. In other words, it’s all about balance.

THE Coffee Solution:

Our Commitment

We Believe in Fairness: We guarantee that each person in the supply chain will be paid a fair price, commensurate with the quality and cost involved with the coffee or service provided.

We Protect the Environment: We expect producers with whom we do business to use good farming practices, and strive for continuous improvement.

We Support Worker Welfare: Producers must comply with local labor, health, and safety regulations and provide transparency to Briggo to verify they are doing so.


Our global headquarters is located in the heart of Austin’s northwest corridor, next to the popular Domain district.

11000 North Mopac Expressway, Suite 150
Austin, Texas  78759

(512) 765-7042

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